In compliance with Law 2/23 on whistleblower protection, and in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Conduct, the objective of which is to ensure professional, ethical and responsible behaviour from the agents involved in the professional activity of Ecoalf Recycled Fabrics, SL, the Company, through the Internal Information System, makes available to all its employees and interested partners (hereinafter,  "Informants") an Internal Channel, as a confidential channel for:

a)Report breaches in relation to the Company's Code of Conduct, as well as any other internal rules of conduct.

b)Report on actions or omissions that (i) may constitute breaches of European Union law, as indicated by law (in terms of whistleblower protection, affect the financial interests of the European Union and/or affect the internal market), and/or (ii) may constitute a serious or very serious criminal or administrative offence.


The Ethics & Values Committee is responsible for the Internal Information System, which has delegated to one of its members, the HR Director, the powers to manage the Internal Information System and to process research files.


Refer to the rules of use of the Internal Channel and the Essential Principles of the Management Procedure